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Winter's Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

As winter approaches in full force, most will get excited about the holidays, family/ friend’s get-togethers, great food, lights, and general joy of the season. Our family at Lillies of the Field Equine Rescue has a harder time looking forward to the holiday season knowing that many equines will be forced into unhealthy situations trying to survive the winter. We are not here to sell a sob story; we are simply sharing the incredibly hard truth of caring for equines in domestication. Many equine(s) owners will stress and worry about being able to provide for their loved equine/s during the harsh winds, swampy ground, and bitter cold weather. They now must provide hay and feed, blankets, shelter, pasture that doesn’t flood, or a boarding place at a manageable price. All of these things are hard to come by even if they have the finances to purchase the necessities. Others have enjoyed their equine for the fun summer months and no longer wish to provide for the animal during the off-season. Some who do have good hearts and intentions originally agreed to take responsibility for the equine that they rescued, but were bluntly awakened by the feed, farrier, vet bills, and general lack of knowledge on how to properly care for an equine. There are so many other difficult circumstances and situations that are unfortunate for any human or any animal to find themselves in.

We truly wish we could take all the equines that we have been contacted about. If we had the finances to manage it, we would take them all. We would be doing them an injustice and disservice by taking on more than we can financially, physically, and emotionally handle. We can, however, assist with trying to rehome an equine or give advice on what to do with an elderly horse facing winter. We will help as much as feasible in any way that we can. We would also like to remind YOU that you can make a huge difference by donating to the cause, allowing us to directly care for the horses and future equines in need of help. You are the one that can help us financially support more equines by pledging monthly. Anything from $5-$500 per month has a positive impact.

That being said, we value your time more than anything. Your time in prayer for the rescue and willing bodies to sacrifice your time helping with chores. You can even host fundraising events, hand out flyers, and talk to friends and family about coming for a volunteer workday. The ways that you can help, other than financially, care for one of God’s most magnificent creatures are limitless in a sense. Please join us as we heal hearts and minds one hoofbeat at a time!

If you do wish to support the cause by donating financially, we have provided a few convent ways to do so.

Check: “Lillies of the Field” Mailed to 91698 Lampa LN Myrtle Point OR 97458.

Venmo - @lilliesofthefieldequine,

Cashapp - $lilliesequinerescue

GoFundme -

Lillies of the Field Equine Rescue is a 501 C (3) not-for-profit organization. ALL proceeds go directly to the care of equines rescued from truly dire situations.

Stay up to date on the latest events, volunteer opportunities, or if you want to be in our prayer group you can find us on Facebook Lillies of the Field Equine Rescue on Facebook, email, or call/text Shania Lillie 541-733-5395

We cannot express our gratitude for your support! God Bless!

-Lillies of the Field Family

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