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Lillies for Adoption

Lillies that Need Sponsors!

The horses below will require long-term to permanent care due to their age, physical ailments, and other factors that contributed to their need for rescue. Read their stories, look at their before and after pictures to see how far they have come in only a short period! God is truly looking out for His Lillies of the Field and you can be a part of the miracle too!

By sponsoring one or multiple of these horses you will receive private updates, be notified if they become available for adoption, have time to come visit and see how they are doing in person, free advertising for your business at all of our events and social media pages, thank you gift basket with the rescue’s personalized swag, and the right to say “I am a proud sponsor of a rescue horse!”

With your help, we will be able to continue giving these beautiful creatures the opportunity to live their best life as they brighten the lives of so many!

Mooshu week one.jpg

Mooshu Week One
June 10th, 2022

Mooshu Now
May 1st, 2023

Mooshu is a 21y/r Spanish Barb stallion.  He along with two other stallions were apart of a herd dispersal from Idaho. They were the last to be picked. No one wanted these handsome stallions.
Mooshu was also  
unhandled, underweight and needing medical attention. He was aggressive at the start. He would strike, bite, kick and walked right through you. His hooves were so neglected he would trip and injure himself. 
But now, almost a year later we still have a hard time believing the miracle we have witnessed! 

He is so intuitive and does not act like a recently wild horse. So many times he could have hurt us or himself more but he hasn't.  Ask us about his stories!


After medical evaluation we discovered that Mooshu has Moon Blindless or Uveitis. This will progressively get worse the longer he ages. Due to his age, breed, sex and medical issues , we have decided it would be in his best interest to not try and  find a new home for him. So that we can ensure he receives the absolute best care.

Mooshu has been such a joy to be around. He is so sassy and loves his routines.  We have been incredibly blessed by his wisdom and willingness to adapt. Please Keep Mooshu in your  prayers!

Jane Day One 
March 4th, 2023

Jane Now
May 2nd, 2023

We got a call from an owner who just brought Jane home two weeks prior from a feedlot. The owner stated she was in way over her head, couldn't get Jane to eat, her nose had green snot running , she was wobbling so bad she could hardly stand or walk. When we arrived to pick Jane up she had so much LIFE! Didn't even phase her that her body was breaking down on her. We took her too OSU that same day and started her on the what we thought would be a long road to recovery. Jane is 23ish years old and missing three teeth, BUT our GOD is truly amazing and in just 7 weeks Jane has made a complete turnaround!  Not only can she walk straight, she can FROLICK in the pasture!

We are so thankful God led us to bring her home! She clearly has so much left to offer this world who hasn’t been so kind to her of late.

Pleas contact Shania Lillie at for an updated list of available horses looking for new homes. 

Let us know if you would like to adopt!


Phone: 541-733-5395

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